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Passport and visa regulations


Residents of the United States:

For entry in the Bahamas you need a valid passport.

For travel and cancelation insurance see below, please.


Europeans and all people who are not residents of the United States:

      For entry in the US and Bahamas you need a valid passport.

Passport validity at least 6 months after leaving the US. Passport must be machine-readable.

You need a visa for entering the US or you have to take part in the Visa Waiver Program.

You need to register online well in advance (72 hours before departure latest) to receive an Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) document. ( ).

In case you have been issued a new passport or changed your last name between registration for ESTA and the start of your journey, you need to register for a new ESTA.

International health insurance
     Make sure you have worldwide Coverage. There are special tariffs for the US and Bahamas.

It is recommended to have a couple of more days covered than your journey last so that you

are still insured in case of unexpected changes (e.g. flight rearrangements or cancellations)


Travel cancelation insurance 
     If you cannot travel in any case of unexpected incidents the travel cancelation insurance covers your costs.

Please note that payments for “Nature and YOU” and “Sacred Journey” will not be refunded.

Means of payment
     I recommend to carry a smaller amount of cash in US Dollar for tips and shopping.
      You can change money in hotels and bank and withdraw local currency at ATMs. US Dollars are accepted in Bahamas.
      To booking of “Sacred Journey” you need a credit card. · It is recommended to bring a credit card along.

Other than in many other countries tips in the US and Bahamas are a vital part of wages!

Maids: 2-3 $ per person

Taxi drivers: 1-2 $ per piece of luggage

Porters at airports and hotels: 1-2 $ per piece of luggage

Waiters in restaurants: minimum 10% of the total invoice, 15-20% if the service was very good.

Sacred Journey crew: ca. 150 – 200 US $

Power Supply 

The US and Bahamas may use different voltage as your country. To use electrical devices you need an adapter.


Daily temperatures in September range between 27 – 30° Celsius on average.

Nights are usually mild with around 21° Celsius.

Water temperature usually is around 27° Celsius.


What do I pack? 

Generally speaking: Pack light!

Since the weather in Bimini is wonderfully warm and we will spend a lot of time on the water you will not need much.


Pack bathing suits or bikini, a large towel, lot of sunscreen, sunglasses, sunhat and loose fitting summer clothes.

For the nights it is recommended to bring maybe long pants and a sweater or light jacket.