Dolphins – my soul mates 


About 10 years ago I made one of my dearest dreams come true

.... being and swimming with dolphins in the wide open sea ....


I always wanted to share this amazing experience with others.

Now, in September 2020, this finally becomes real.



 It is my heartfelt desire,

to show you how to connect with the power and strength, joy and love of the dolphins

to help you calming your mind and energy down and easily rearrange what has been bothering you

to see you empowered by this vibrant energy, and feel so vitalized and connected with yourself

that you allow yourself to receive new momentum for your life

to support you to experience the world standing still while swimming with dolphins.


 Bimini dolphins have the power to heal your heart and soul


When a dolphin looks you in the eye, the world stands still.

I never imagined this age-old wisdom to be true until I experienced it myself.

I felt completely flooded with love and light.

I sensed my heart beating and with every single heartbeat more love, love, love, indescribable love.



Here, in and around Bimini the dolphins energy is present.

All the time, even though you cannot see them with your physical eyes.

Before you take on this journey, I invite you to ponder about whether you would like to change anything in your life.

But don’t think about the “how to”.

Dolphins are blessed with the gift to open your heart if you allow.

This week in Bimini, surrounded by the dolphins’ presence, often reveals surprising new thoughts and solutions.

Open your mind and heart and be surprised by the small and larger miracles of life.



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