Come, come where ever you are 

Get yourself enchanted …..... Dive into yourself

 Feel the spirit, power and pure joy of truly free dolphins


Sunshine, beach, palm trees

Lightness of live and laughter



A dream come true

 Visit the free dolphins in their natural habitat


You are most welcome on my Nature and YOU .... Sacred Journey  web presence

I am delighted to learn that you following the dolphins’ call


Warm, crystal clear waters. Soft waves meet the white sandy beaches

Feel the sun caressing your skin, smell the salty air and look up to see the blue sky above

YOU find yourself amidst a school of dolphins and warm-hearted people

YOU dive into another world full of small an larger miracles




This wonderful moment when dolphins come close to our boat.

When they get in touch with us and embrace us with their joyful and playful personalities

and then there is this moment when they invite us to their “home”. They invite us to dive into their realm of love and joy.

That is what humans call swimming with truly free dolphins.

Yet, it is soooo much more.

It re-connecting with your primal nature – with your heart and soul.

When a dolphin looks you in the eye, the world stands still.

This magic moment opens your heart and you feel nothing but joy and love.

 You will never forget that special moment – I promise!


 Dolphins this close, whether you stay on board or decide to join them in the water,

will always cover you with their loving and playful energy.

They will open your heart.

Naturally and easily YOU will bond with your own strength, love and joy

and just as easily will return to your everyday live more positive, more vital, more joyful and more balanced

Some magic moments for you ...... lean back and enjoy

Pictures speak louder than words. Those are pictures taken in April 2019.

One at the airport right before my departure to Bimini and the other at the end of my week with the dolphins.